The Kingdom Church of Houston is a Comprehensive ministry that addresses the whole person: Spirit, Soul, and Body 

Prayer - Minister Regina Long


Our prayer team has a prayer call every  at Central

to get on call 302-202-1110 code 706230

Seasoned Saints - Minister A. Brooks


Our ministry to all of our seniors 55 years and older. 

Christian Education - Minister A. Brooks


Our Modern day version of Sunday School.  Consist of Life Group Classes, 

Gift Groups, Social Groups, and Gender Groups

Youth- Rondy Long III


Bringing our youth to life with various programming for our teens (Middle School and High School.) 

Music & Arts - Minister Regina Long


Praise team/ Skit Team/ Musicians and dance team 

Men's Ministry/ Operations - MIT P. Nathan


Our men's ministry and church operations: setting-up and tearing down. 

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